ISS International Security System is a professional, international, and versatile security guard training system. The substantial and didactic preparation is realised by trainers and security workers with many years experience which guarantees efficient preparation for the task. ISS licensed and certified security agents are employed in EU countries and others with similar law regulations.



ISS licensed security agents working in all countries have to posses proper skills. Special training prepares them for work in all EU countries and gives them opportunities to find employment in neighbouring countries with similar laws and methodology. The training of an ISS licensed agent involves theoretical lectures, workshops and practical trainings and seminars.


The scope of training:

  • security worker ethics
  • venue security
  • personal and possession security
  • appearance and image of a security worker
  • cooperation with the police force
  • security work laws and regulations
  • security documentation
  • gun usage
  • elements of psychology concerning security work
  • elements of security work laws
  • technical means of securing possession
  • first aid
  • dealing with a foreigner from a different culture
  • self-defense
  • suppression methods
  • the most efficient martial arts techniques


Johanna Carrey

Piotr Bąkowski

Kickboxing world champion, self-defense and intervention techniques training specialist, business model building and image creation specialist. The president of sports organisations: UFR (Universal Fighting Rules) - a worldwide martial arts federation, WKSF Poland (World Kickboxing and Karate Sport Federation), the author of 'Sport against Drags' campaign.

Paul Braddy

Łukasz Makarewicz

A security worker with many years experience, mass events security, and the police force cooperation specialist, marketing and brand management specialist. Kickboxing world champion. The president of sports organisations: WKA Poland (World Kickboxing and Karate Association), PFKB (Polish Kickboxing Federation). The author of 'Sport against Drags' campaign.


ISS - International Security System

We operate in:

Poland, Great Britain, Irland, Slovakia, Czech Republik, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy.

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